These are those of hair oils. Great friends, consider this product. These products are a great product. These hairguns stop chemotherapy stimulated motions and in severe retrograde hair follicles in the regression before time: Provides symptomatic relief: Hair loss is a A common symptom associated with dry and itchy scalp is.
Stops hair loss and promotes hair growth: Hairzone coup stops prevalence and stimulates child development.
They effectively manage skull fungus, bacteria and viral infections, which reduce itching, dryness and hair fall.


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                                                   Specifications General                                                             
Model Name
Hairzone Solution
Sales Package
Himalaya Hairzone Solution
Quantity60 ml
Pack of
Professional Care
Applied For
Anti-hair Fall, Damage Repair, Scalp Cleansing
Suitable Hair Type
Dry Hair
Treatment Time
4 Weeks
IngredientsPalasha (Butea monosperma) inhibits hair follicular degeneration and extends the anagen (hair growth) phase. It is an astringent which relieves minor skin irritation resulting from scalp fungal infections. Palasha is also an antioxidant with potent free radical scavenging properties, which prevents hair fall, Palashabheda (Butea parviflora) is an antimicrobial agent that effectively eliminates bacteria, viruses and fungi from the scalp.
Ideal Skin Type
All Skin Types, Dry Skin
Covered in Warranty
Warranty of the product is limited to manufacturing defects only.



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